Representative Daniel Pae Case Study

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When the existing Oklahoma State Representative, Daniel Pae, reached out to us to run his strategic PR communications for the 2020 state election, we realized that it isn’t going to be an easy task. Why? Because representing Daniel on multiple channels at the same time while helping him connect with this voter was something that required dedication and most importantly, a passion for PR communications. Something that our team at Brand Inc. PR is filled to the brim with.

During this time, we were to handle his press, media coverage, community outreach, and digital communications.

With each segment having its own importance, we handled things carefully by using each area to drive a particular objective.

For instance, we used media coverage (since it had the most outreach potential) for local and state outreach to share initiatives, goals, and community involvement if selected.

At the same time, registering voters was another crucial campaign that we launched to ensure that we had data to measure our vote bank in every area. We didn’t stop there, our teams coordinated with local civic groups to feed the homeless and donate to children during the holidays.

And during that time, we didn’t ignore the importance of branding and social media and designed an entire campaign included social media graphics, profile frame, cover photos, and flyers to see Daniel Pae emerge as a victor!

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“During last year’s campaign, I utilized Brandi’s PR services through Brand(Inc) PR. Based on our friendship, as well as knowing firsthand how incredibly knowledgeable Brandi is with respect to public outreach efforts, I knew that Brandi was the right person for the job. From the very beginning, I appreciated the fact that Brandi wanted to tell my story without changing details to fit a certain narrative.

Brandi did a fantastic job leveraging her connections with local media outlets, whether it was publishing a newspaper op-ed, reserving TV spots, or designing digital ads. She also learned more about campaigning for elected office through knocking on doors, and most of the people that she spoke with committed to supporting our campaign. Furthermore, Brandi was always available and flexible no matter the circumstance. For instance, I received a call one afternoon at around 2 PM for a TV interview scheduled at 5 PM later that day, and Brandi immediately drafted talking points and showed up at the interview. This type of dedication is why Brandi’s PR company has a bright future ahead.

The margin of victory for my first campaign was 42 votes, and the margin of victory after having worked with Brand(Inc) PR was 1,137 votes. There is no question that this significant difference was because of Brandi’s creativity, hard work, and perseverance.

I will definitely continue utilizing her services for future campaigns, and I am excited that Brandi has expressed interest in using her voice and platform to increase civic engagement in our community.”

Oklahoma State Representative- District 62, Daniel Pae

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