CEO Talks — Building A Business During The COVID19 Pandemic Part 1


I took a leap of faith after working in a corporate position for two years and learning that I was severely undervalued, both monetarily and professionally. After working for businesses for the 12 years in PR and marketing, I bet on myself to use the tools and knowledge I gained to apply it directly to the business owners how needed my services.

I’ve worked and represented nonprofit organizations, government sectors, public figures, corporations as well as small, boutique businesses. One of the specific challenges I faced was access to COVID19 small business financial assistance due to the time frame that I started my business.

While these financial assistance programs are great, for those of us that started our business after the pandemic, we don’t qualify because we are new businesses and don’t have the minimum time qualifications requested. Thankfully, I was able to find through personal references some grant programs that allowed new businesses to qualify but it was limited.


Brandi Sims

Founder + CEO, Brandinc PR



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