Dymanz Glaze Case Study

What do brands need the most? Airtime! They need to be seen. Brands need to place themselves in front of their ideal audience if they want to grow big.

These were the exact goals Dymanz Glaze wanted to achieve. They reached out to us for PR and influencer outreach for their brand.

What happened next? More than 60 media placements and a huge boost in engagement and outreach for the brand!

Yes! We got them where they wanted to be. And we even floored the accelerator and prudently panned out these media placements across print, radio, media outlets, and digital streaming services.

And the best part?

The majority of these placements were at leading outlets that drive millions of people to their platforms every month.

Media placement wasn’t the only service we offered. We helped them with graphic design and social media management to help them develop consistency across all social platforms.

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