How CEO’s should prepare for a major crisis

In order for CEO’s to become better prepared for crisis communications, the first step to take is developing a crisis team. identifying who are key players who must be involved with properly communicating crisis scenario taking place within the organization. Whenever there isn’t a direct response team or key players already in motion, it can lead to devastating effects. From miscommunication to false information, when CEO’s fail to identify who will be in charge with preparing the messaging associated with a crisis it leaves the window of chaos to broaden and further escalate. The ideal crisis team would consist executive level leadership, as well as members of communications who will be tasked with putting forth the prepared messaging. The next step would be creating a blue print for crisis communications. My go-to has always been address/acknowledge, assess, follow up and resolve. Taking these necessary steps will ensure that as CEO, you are equipped, prepared for when a crisis strikes and act swiftly to manage.

Brandi Sims
Founder + CEO of Brandinc PR

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