Pray for Buffalo
🙏 Our hearts are heavy at the sight of yet another headline involving a mass shooting and one targeting Black people. We are praying not only for the victims, but the families and communities affected by this senseless and hate-filled tragedy.
What Can You Do?
Donate to the Victims’ Families
Fast Company recently published a list of verified memorial and victim funds to support families.
Share Resources & Services
New York State has an active list of resources and services to help those affected and their families. These range from financial assistance to funeral payment support and transportation.
Start the Conversation
For most people of color, this conversation is very familiar. Mass shootings and racism should never be normalized, yet the headlines seem to show otherwise. Speak with your loved ones about what steps can be taken to protect yourself and family as well as the roots and consequences of racism. For non BIPOC people, utilize the resources provided and stand in solidarity against racism.
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