What To Ask A Public Relations Agency

What to ask a public relations agency?

Choosing a good public relations agency is a task that should not be taken lightly, this process requires thorough research and of course a lot of patience!


It is not for less, when hiring this type of agency, the image, credibility, and reputation of the company will be in its hands, so having a team of professionals is more than necessary.


So how do I make sure I’m making the right decision when hiring a public relations agency? Well, this is really easy, you can do it through a series of questions which will dispel all your doubts. Here are some examples:

What should you consider when hiring a public relations agency?

1.   What is your knowledge of the market?

One of the decisive factors when choosing the agency that will handle the public relations of our company or personal brand is to make sure that it has full knowledge of the type of market in which our product or service will be developed.


2.   What are your innovation capabilities?

It is essential to know the creativity and ingenuity of a public relations agency when implementing strategies.  That is to say, to be able to know in-depth how it works at the moment of executing each of its projects. It is not only a matter of having good ideas, it is necessary to be sure about how it puts those ideas into action and how they impact the target audience.


Do you have customized strategic planning?

Although it sounds a little obvious, it is something that must be taken into account when hiring services. Ingenuity and creativity are not enough, it is necessary strategic planning adaptable to each company and personal brand. That is to say, a plan that allows to transmit the message and is very important to fulfill the objectives of each company.

Do you have a trained work team?

The work team within a public relations agency is very important. It is not for less, the human resource within a company is a fundamental pillar. That is why the agency needs a professional and experienced team. Where it is guaranteed that the results are delivered on time.

Which companies and brands have you worked for?

Knowing their projects as well as testimonials from their clients is a good step to ensure the reputation and seriousness of an agency. It is therefore advisable to investigate all those companies and personal brands with which they have worked, as well as the impact they have had on those brands.


Being very cautious is fundamental when choosing a public relations agency. Likewise, it is very important that at the moment of starting the search, we are clear about the objectives we want to achieve. We must be sufficiently clear about the objectives we want to achieve. Having all this clear, we will be able to discard all those agencies which do not adapt to our brand.

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