Kimberly Jones Case Study

Like all other rising authors, Kimberly Jones was faced with the problem of the lack of an effective communication channel to engage with her target audience. As an author of non-fiction novels called “Wealthy Blacks Before The Emancipation Proclamation” and “Places, Faces, And Races: A Biological Perspective of Human Diversity”, Kimberly needed a creative solution to communicate with her readers and to market her work for the whole world to see. 

For this very reason, she reached out to us with this very specific problem. This was quite an ordeal given that Kimberly had next to no digital or online presence. Her marketing and promotion were loosely based on word of mouth and personal and social circles. 

Our approach to this problem was simply focusing on her products, as well as her credentials. People are more inclined to buy products or services from people with strong credentials. We used Kimberly’s qualifications of being an expert on Black History as well as being a historian and created a booming digital presence for her to communicate with the world. 

Within 3 months, we were able to establish her standing on social media by crafting engaging content that screamed consistency, quality and value. 

Services Offered

Digital Media & Publicity Outreach

Digital Communications

Social Media Strategy and Implementation

Campaign Branding


Client Testimonial

“I reached out to Brandinc PR to help assist me with my social media presence as an author. Brandi and
her team developed a strategic plan to promote both my books. Brandi was instrumental in introducing
me to professional individuals in various career fields throughout the country. Each month Brandi’s team
has set up Clubhouse events on my behalf with special guest as co-host. These types of events have
increased my social media presences as well as my books sales. Brandi and the Brandinc PR team’s professionalism provided creative and innovative ideas that were beyond my expectations.Brandinc PR has given me an appreciation
for public relations businesses.”

Kimberly Jones

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