BIPR Feature – KAJ Masterclass

Chatting it up on the KAJ MasterClass Live on how small businesses can leverage PR for success! 🏆

Digital platforms have added a new element to PR—instant gratification! 🤯

With news information being shared nearly every 8 seconds, it is imperative that PR is not only active offline but also online! 🖥️ Check out the full interview on all major streaming platforms including Apple and YouTube!

Brandinc PR Now on Creativepool!

We’re Accepted! Brandinc PR is now taking clients through creative agency, Creativepool! Creativepool connects with creative agencies around the globe specializing in public relations, marketing, graphic design and photography. From Digital PR to publicity event planning, we are here to help support your brand needs.

Learn how we can support your 2023 PR and social media marketing goals! Contact us here: 

Client Feature – Shoutout LA

#ClientNews: Kickstarting a career in the music industry is not easy task. Independent artists often wear many hats as they push their music through digital platforms in the hopes of reaching success. Through programs like Underground Music Collective, indie artists can get help from coaching to photography and promotion support.

“As time has progressed, this journey has taught me what it means to be an independent creative, and our platform reflects those lessons in our current offerings.” – Underground Music Collective Founder & CEO, Gerard Longo via Shoutout LA