CEO Talks — Building A Business During The COVID19 Pandemic Part 1


I took a leap of faith after working in a corporate position for two years and learning that I was severely undervalued, both monetarily and professionally. After working for businesses for the 12 years in PR and marketing, I bet on myself to use the tools and knowledge I gained to apply it directly to the business owners how needed my services.

I’ve worked and represented nonprofit organizations, government sectors, public figures, corporations as well as small, boutique businesses. One of the specific challenges I faced was access to COVID19 small business financial assistance due to the time frame that I started my business.

While these financial assistance programs are great, for those of us that started our business after the pandemic, we don’t qualify because we are new businesses and don’t have the minimum time qualifications requested. Thankfully, I was able to find through personal references some grant programs that allowed new businesses to qualify but it was limited.


Brandi Sims

Founder + CEO, Brandinc PR



New Wine & Paint Night Debuts In Lawton Next Week



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New Wine & Paint Night Debuts In Lawton Next Week


WHAT: Presented by My/Visions, Wine & Paint Night debuts in Lawton on Sunday, January 29th. Former NBA and Lawton-Fort Sill Calvary NBL professional basketball player DeAnthony Bowden is leading the newly formed venture highlighting activities and events in the community. Participants can expect to experience an evening of art and wine at the new location. Space is limited due to social distancing and extended efforts to maintain a clean, healthy event. 


WHEN: Friday, January 29th 2021; 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.;


COST: $50 per person; Includes complimentary drink and light refreshments 


WHERE:  My/Visions 

                                                    1320 NW Homestead Dr. Suite H  

                                                    Lawton, OK 73505 


For more ticket information, please visit


About Brandinc PR, LLC 

Brandinc PR LLC is an Oklahoma based public relations agency committed to helping grow businesses and brands. Founded in 2019, Brandinc PR LLC is focused on serving the needs of beauty, entertainment and lifestyle brands. We strive to represent those businesses and brands who are as passionate about their products and services as we are about brand image and development. 

CEO Talks — Future of PR and Current Trends

My vision for Public Relations would be a more complex, advanced digital version of what we are seeing small glimpses of now. Traditional media has not died, however, it has evolved using digital platforms to advance its messaging. This is a perfect example of traditional media outlets needing to adapt to the culture which is largely digitally focused.

Some of the trends that we’re seeing is a shift from solely working through traditional media platforms (radio, television and print) for media pitching to refocusing attention to the digital versions of these media outlets for enhanced outreach efforts and seeing significant success as well as impact in engagement.

Social Media plays a huge role in this as a major component for word of mouth and reputation management in the digital world. While it’s often coupled with general marketing, it very much serves a tool for PR professionals as it offers a platform for communication to a wider audience, similar to the ways that traditional media communicates to the masses.

While the mediums may change due to advances in technology and digital communications, the need for Public Relations will continue to be relevant and help to effectively communicate messages for a greater audience in professional manner.


Brandi Sims

Founder + CEO, Brandinc PR