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Bloom Bar: Atlanta’s Culinary Gem Redefining Flavorful Experiences

Atlanta’s culinary scene is undergoing a flavorful revolution, and at the forefront of this gastronomic evolution is the sensational Bloom Bar. In this blog post, we dive into the delectable world of Bloom Bar, exploring the culinary innovations, unique flavors, and the immersive experiences that make it a must-visit destination.

Unveiling the Culinary Visionaries Behind Bloom Bar

Bloom Bar is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary masterpiece crafted by visionaries dedicated to pushing the boundaries of flavor. Learn about the talented chefs and their commitment to creating a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

The Art of Flavor Creation at Bloom Bar

Explore the artistry behind Bloom Bar’s dishes, where each plate is a canvas and every ingredient is carefully selected to create a symphony of flavors. From innovative techniques to locally sourced ingredients, discover how Bloom Bar is redefining the culinary landscape.

Marcus Avery’s Take on Bloom Bar’s Culinary Excellence

Writer Marcus Avery of Chow & Company provides a unique perspective on Bloom Bar’s culinary prowess. Delve into his insights as he takes you on a journey through the flavors, textures, and stories behind the dishes that make Bloom Bar a standout in Atlanta’s vibrant food scene.

Dive into the world of culinary excellence with Bloom Bar and Marcus Avery’s captivating storytelling. Bon appétit!

Client Featured in Atlanta Magazine

A West African restaurant and bar is coming to Buckhead. Bloom Bar, which is based in Accra, Ghana, is slated to open its first international location on Roswell Road near the Buckhead Theatre on December 12, offering an introduction to West African cuisine, paired with cocktails “that resonate at home in West Africa,” CEO Kofi Maafo says. The theme of Bloom Bar is happiness and equality. “Here, everyone is someone.” Read more from the full interview here:

2024 Remote Internship

We have three internship sessions – Spring (January – May), Summer (May-August) and Fall/Winter (August-December) – and many interns end up staying for multiple sessions. The internship is for college or technical school credit only. Active interns get first pick for the following sessions internship spots!

Potential Responsibilities Include:

  • Use technology platforms such as Google Drive, Cision, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and more to assist your team in, research, media and influencer relations, social media, content creation, and more.
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  • Help your team monitor media, influencer, and social coverage on behalf of clients and create monthly clippings reports
  • Learn how to write an engaging captions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Assist team with placing and tracking sample requests and budgets
  • Assist with newsletter creation and coordinating retailer reviews
  • Improve your writing skills but drafting press materials and research material
  • Maintenance and updating of critical databases/resources
  • Data entry and miscellaneous research to help with projects such as award submissions, event recommendations, planning events, and more

Requirements Include:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Social media savvy
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Professional demeanor and a drive to succeed
  • Eagerness to learn and willingness to ask questions
  • Resourceful attitude and keen attention to detail

Hours can be worked out with your direct team leader but the majority of hours are expected to be during business hours. Did we forget to mention Fabulous Fridays? You get the 1st Friday of every month off!

Submit an application here to be considered for our internship program.

Celebrating National Publicist Day: A Perspective from a Black Woman in PR

National Publicist Day, a day dedicated to honoring the unsung heroes behind the scenes of the media and entertainment industry, holds particular significance for many of us, especially those of us who are Black women working in public relations. This day serves as a reminder of the vital role we play in shaping narratives, building brands, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

As a Black woman in PR, I have witnessed the power of effective communication and strategic storytelling. Our industry plays a pivotal role in amplifying voices that may have been marginalized or overlooked in the past. We have the opportunity to highlight the experiences, talents, and achievements of Black individuals and communities, providing them with a platform to shine.

National Publicist Day encourages us to celebrate the dedication and resilience it takes to succeed in this field, particularly as Black women. We often face unique challenges, including the need to break through stereotypes and overcome biases. However, these challenges only make us stronger and more determined to make our mark in the PR world.

Representation matters, both in the media and in the public relations industry. National Publicist Day emphasizes the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion within our field. We must strive to create opportunities for aspiring Black PR professionals and continue to mentor and support each other.

Our work in PR is about fostering connections, sharing stories, and shaping perceptions. On this day, we recognize that the work we do goes far beyond the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. We are the storytellers, the advocates, and the bridge builders, and our contributions to society are immeasurable.

So, as we celebrate National Publicist Day, let us acknowledge the importance of diversity and the unique perspective that Black women bring to the PR industry. Let us continue to break down barriers, inspire the next generation, and make a positive impact on the world of media and communication. This day reminds us that, as Black women in PR, our voices matter, our stories are important, and our contributions are invaluable.


Brandi Sims

Founder & CEO, Brandinc PR